Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction
Posted on August 4, 2020, by Joseph Briscoe

Attraction is an interesting and powerful thing. Attraction can happen at first sight or eventually sneak up on us. People can overcome an unwise attraction at first sight. People also have the ability to attract the right person to them as well.

Attraction theory for men suggests that males tend to be drawn to women that elicit markers of youth. For example, men traditionally are attracted to, bright eyes, full lips, clear skin, and symmetrical features, narrow waist, and curvy hips.

Attraction theory for females suggests that women tend to be drawn to physical characteristics that demonstrate good health, able to provide and protect. Broad shoulders with narrow hips, having a deep voice, and a strong jawline.

When talking about attraction we can say what we will not do when it comes to relationships. Consequently, evolution has been influenced by ancient biological demands when it comes to laws of attraction. However, both men and women are attracted to resources (i.e. career, money, position and titles). Regardless of how much our environment has progressed, advanced and continues to evolve; our mindsets in attraction continues to be derived from ancestral conditions.

A study from the University of California conducted by professor Paul Eastwick suggest that it is more advantageous to be well matched with your partner than to catch the finest looking partner. Dr. Eastwick further states that most couples regardless of sexual orientation tend to be attracted to similar ranges of size type, education, religious beliefs, values, and socio-economic status. Based on our ancient biological demands most people will seek partners that resemble themselves; as it relates to height, weight, and or intelligent levels.

One other law of attraction we can be subject to is Dynamic Attraction which in essence is charisma and magnetism. Physical attraction is not only relating to the face and the body of your mate. Dynamic attraction includes how you use what you have regarding your posture, mannerisms, movement and or gestures are forces of nature that can draw you quickly to the partner of your dreams.

What stage are you in as it relates to the laws of attraction? Take this information and improve where you are in your relationship. Whatever you think you might need to adjust and or modify to improve on do so for the sake of self-development and to sustain and grow your relationship with your partner.

(The information in this blog post is from an article in Psychology Today September edition written by Wendy Paris)

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