Why People Cheat Part 2

Why People Cheat Part 2
August 4, 2020, by Joseph Briscoe

A study was conducted on sexuality with 100,000 women in the Redbook which is Johnson Redbook Service, which has been the recognized leading publisher of tracking statistics and independent analysis in the U.S. The study revealed that extramarital sex was recorded by 48 percent of women whose initial sexual experience happened at age fifteen. That data was contrary to 16 percent of women whose first sexual experience occurred after age twenty (www.affairrecovery.com, 2019).

Based on this study, it could suggest a variety of issues relating to infidelity. There is a probability that the statistics show that those who participate in pre-material sex at an earlier age also have more permissive sex prior to marriage. This study further suggests that having a high number of sexual partners before ever getting married leads to a peculiar view and way of thinking. With these individuals having such a high number of sexual experiences and partners, this could suggest a type of belief system that does not cautiously validate sexual exclusivity.

One issue with such early contact with sexual behavior and a lifestyle of sexual promiscuity is that it can disrupt connecting to others. Meaning, when people experience sex too early, they run the risk of missing the learning skills of connecting to others beyond just sex. In other words, early sexual contact and permissive sexual behavior and damage your natural development to connect to others in a healthy way.

Lastly, this study makes and interesting point about permissive sexual behavior at and early age. Some individuals that may have experience this could suffer with negative identity messages. The individual could develop the psychological thought that their sexuality has become their belief system and of value above all qualities they possess. This type of thinking can develop a craving for validation through attention from others. When this happens, a single person could never get to the place where they provide all the needed validation. Because of those experiences without healthy connections and relationships that person will develop the type of thinking that says to themselves an affair partner provides this validation.

What are a few take a ways from this post:

  • Changing our thinking and promoting waiting or abstinence in spite of a very sexual culture

  • Parents need to really think and study on sex and educate their children earlier

  • Teach our children proper boundaries in relationship

  • Work on our relationships with a coach or therapist to demonstrate what healthy relationships look like

  • Be more mindful of the music and movies we expose our children to

  • Talk and process with our children and teens about what they hear and see on programs and music


“Healthy Living Begins with Healthy Thinking”

Joseph Briscoe

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